Palette of Cathy Quiel
Daniel Smith Art Supplies

Quinacridone Gold
Similar to yellow ochre in color, a bit more vibrant, marvelous that it has no opaque grit, is translucent and can be used repeatedly in a glaze and will not create mud

Quinacridone Sienna
Warm earth tone, no grit, translucent. Can be created by mixing Quinacridone Coral & Gold together.

Quinacridone Coral
Warm warm, glowing, makes terrific orange with New Gamboge or Quinacridone Gold

Pthalo Turquoise
Warm cool, intense turquoise, seems to dry a little darker, mixes beautifully with Quinacridone Coral to make a rich violet

Occasional use: Thalo Blue (Graham), Opera (Holbein), Quinacridone Magenta (Daniel Smith), French Ultramarine (Daniel Smith), Ultramarine Blue (Graham)

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